August 2018

At an oasis where the beach and jungle converge, we will gather for a deep dive into self-care… the kind of self-care that takes courage and yields permanent results.


We are women who can change the world. We have so much to offer.

Love. Creativity. Nurturing. Healing.

But we can’t do it when we’re running on empty. A woman who doesn’t prioritize her own well-being is a detriment to those around her. She may feel like she is giving fully of herself so that those around her can thrive, but really she is giving with resentment and bitterness. She is helping no one. Is this you?


Always rushing from one place to the next.

A never-ending to do list with items on it for everyone but you.

Big dreams, big vision and big overwhelm.


You’ve tried to focus on self-care. You’ve seen the nutritionist or gone paleo/vegan/raw/vegetarian, etc., you’ve dabbled in alternative health, you’ve created the exercise regime. You hydrate with filtered water, you do your best to get a good night’s sleep. And despite your efforts, you don’t really have the energy you crave.

There are still the lows and highs throughout the day. You’re exhausted by dinner time, maybe even by mid-aftenoon. Caffeine is a necessity to wake up and to avoid those low points. The snooze button is a trusted friend when you wake up.

You have so much on the go that the only adjective you can think to describe your life is “busy”. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time to pack it all in.

"Christina guided us through the retreat with unconditional love. This weekend was the best investment I have made in myself. It has been a long time since I did this. When I first arrived, I had a lot of questions in my mind and was unclear about the path I was on. Now at the end, I feel quiet, nourished, assured, rested, informed and at peace."


"The most valuable thing I received from the retreat is a sense of peace that I am enough. "

— Terry

THE PROBLEM IS...’ve likely been focusing on external self-care. The kind of self-care that we’ve been told will make a difference, but doesn’t quite seem to be doing the trick.

Courageous Self-Care is different.

It takes into account all the standard advice for self-care and then gets to what really moves the needle… internal self-care.

Internal self-care is the stuff that takes courage because it’s where you get honest. It’s where you do some soul-searching. It’s where you transform your life.

Courageous Self-Care has 12 pillars. At the Costa Rican Self-Care Oasis, we’ll take 6 glorious days to immerse ourselves in the pillar that provides scaffolding for all the others; Finding Harmony between Masculine and Feminine Energy.


What does that mean and why is it important?

 Each human being has two forms of energy; masculine and feminine. For the longest time, males only had access to masculine and energy and women only to feminine energy.

Things have been shifting though, and quickly. The divine feminine is presenting itself to help bring harmony to the human race. We are evolving more swiftly than ever before. Some people are going to be left behind and it will take a lifetime for them to catch up. Other people, like you, are early-adjusters to the new paradigm.


What’s the new paradigm?

When each human being is able to find harmony between their masculine and feminine energies, we will be a world of whole people. Whole people have whole relationships because they don’t need to seek outside of themselves to fill in what’s missing.

Whole people complement each other beautifully and lift each other up, bringing more love and possibility to the world.

Whole people resolve differences peacefully. When you find peace within yourself between the two energies, you radiate that peace into the world.

The biggest challenge facing humanity right now, according to leading spiritual teachers, is the acceptance of the divine feminine. What can you do about it?

Learn about masculine and feminine energy. Become adept at consciously choosing which energy will serve you at any given time. Expand your ability to radiate peace, love and wisdom.


You will learn to do all that and more at the
Costa Rican Self-Care Oasis.


"When I arrived, I felt open to the circle that the women sat in and joined with curiosity. Now I feel a treasured bond with each one of the women. I trust myself and I trust them. I have the memory of being together. I will no longer be alone. "


"Thank you so much for reconnecting me to my body. I have learned tools that I can take with me for the future; always reminding me to stay in the present and listen. This workshop opened my heart and allowed me to express vulnerability and my true self without judgment. "


Why Costa Rica?

Nature gives us bountiful examples of harmony between masculine and feminine energy. For six luscious days, you will be absorbed in the healing energies of the turquoise Caribbean ocean and abundant colourful jungle.

In order to connect with our essential self, where there is balance and harmony, we must unplug from day to day life.

To create something new, it helps to go somewhere new, to leave the familiar and enter into the unknown.

The moment you set foot at the retreat center, you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Your worries and stress will melt away as you tune into the tropical splendor that surrounds you.

Our open air retreat centre is just steps from the ocean, in a part of Costa Rica that offers quiet, serene sanctuary.

There are still indigenous peoples that inhabit the area who perform healing rituals and practices. The spiritual energy is rich and diverse.

Each morning, you’ll awaken to tropical birdsong. Our onsite chef will carefully prepare for you local, organic, vegetarian fare. He may even climb a coconut tree before breakfast! You’ll be nourished inside and out by the luscious fruit and nutritious gifts from the area.


Shouldn’t I just focus on Feminine Power?

That’s a great place to start! However, if you’ve tried living in solely feminine energy, you’ll know that it’s not realistic, satisfying or possible for any extended period of time.

This retreat helps you take the next step so that you can live fully in the new world, where we need to know how to access both masculine and feminine energy.

Over the course of the retreat, you’ll be expertly guided through processes that help you tune into both kinds of energy so that you’ll get a felt sensation and a deep knowing of which energy to use in each situation when you return back home.

"I was very apprehensive and nervous coming into a group of women who I didn’t know, but excited to step out of my comfort zone. Now that it’s done, I am so rejuvenated and feel so relaxed. I am renewed! "


"What a novel idea-“What does your body say? What wisdom is it imparting to you?” Our society’s concept of a beautiful body is so restricting. If your body is not regarded as beautiful, it’s pretty unlikely that you are going to honour your body, to regard it as being of value, to understand that it can provide you with answers. I am going to be more mindful of what my body is saying, to rely on it and to have confidence that it holds answers for me. "


Meet Your Guide

Christina Marlett, BKin, BMT, Certified Embodiment Coach and founder of Courageous Self-Care believes that women can be can be productive and peaceful at the same time with self-care that goes beyond bubble baths, chocolate and wine.

She teaches over-achieving leaders that self-care is not simply about luxurious acts of pampering, but that it’s a real necessity if a woman truly wants to step into her greatness.

Christina is known for creating magical experiences where women connect with their bodies, their hearts, their souls and with each other.

Sample Schedule

Morning Meditation


Guided Creativity Practice

Free Time


Mindful Movement Workshop

Free Time


Sacred Circle by Candlelight

"When I arrived for the retreat, I was flustered, stressed, tired and had a LONG list of things I needed to do. Now that the retreat is finished, I have done the most important thing that wasn’t on the list: self-care. "


"As someone who experiences great trepidation around dancing and movement exercises, I can honestly say that Christina is a brilliant facilitator who creates a safe space, even for people (like me) who would rather not give this unique work a try. Having said that, her approach is accessible for anyone and if you are willing to just go for it, it will offer up relevant gifts for you to use in your life and business. I know it did for me!"

—Paula Gregorowicz

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August 2018


"The movement brought me to my childhood happiness! I felt alive. I felt like there is hope for me, there is a good future. "


"Christina’s workshop is incredibly insightful, fun and an amazing journey into knowing more about oneself. What I loved the most is that I could just BE. Just be myself, and at the end of the workshop I walked out loving life, loving myself, and loving my body. Thank you!"

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